Vienna Happy Home Refresh

These clients came to me with a 1980s Colonial home that was in dire need of an entire refresh! I worked with the homeowners to provide a cohesive design for the Foyer, Music Room, Dining Room, Laundry Room, Breakfast Room and Family Room.

During the design process, the homeowners identified a sentimental piece of art by one of their children that we used as our inspiration for the whole project. We were able to give the homeowner all new furnishings and design, while keeping their cherished grand piano, kitchen table, and large bookcase. In addition, we also remodeled the clients’ upstairs hall bathroom shared by their teenage daughter and son.

In March 2020, we were expecting to receive the  majority of the clients’ new home furnishings, so my client gave away all of their furniture.  Before their furniture could be delivered, we went into lockdown. My clients had to wait from March 2020 until July 2020 when we could safely deliver their furnishings. Unfortunately, this resulted in the extension of the project because some of the furnishings were delayed in the process and we had to wait on them to be delivered. The end result was fabulous and worth the wait. The husband said that he did not realize how much he disliked his home before and now his home is a place of joy!  The homeowners are so grateful and so pleased with their new spaces and feel like they are living in such a happy home!


Photos by Angela Newton Roy


March 31, 2022